Middle School SunHouse

We know that middle school can be  fun but also weirdly challenging. SunHouse's goal is to journey with you through the fun and tough times. Check out our events and opportunities to see how we're building community among middle school students. 

Our Vision:

When a student leaves SunHouse Middle School they will: know that they are loved and accepted by Jesus, be trained and ready to participate in small groups, and know that service of others is important regardless of belief. 


Our Weekly Program

Every Wednesday from 5-7pm we meet at SunHouse for a delicious dinner, awesome games, and some time to talk about life. In SunHouse small and large groups we discuss relevant topics going on in the Middle School world as we also have conversations about Jesus and biblical teachings. 

duct tape wars.jpg

Duct Tape Wars

Wednesday, October 10th 5pm - 7pm

Get ready for a Duct Tape War! Bring a friend to the chaos. This is a free event during regular Wednesday night middle school program. We will be having a Duct Tape on a Wednesday Program Night. This is a free event.We will be using duct tape in the most epic ways.

Zombies - Duct Tape.jpg

Humans vs. Zombies

Wednesday, October 24th 5pm-7pm

Grab a nerf gun, a friend, and get ready for Humans vs. Zombies October 24th. It will be a night of survival. This is a free event during regular Wednesday night program. Your students will be the last man on earth where they need to find the antidote to save the world. This is leading to our week long event during the summer. If you don’t have a nerf gun SunHouse has extras. Bring a friend and try to last the night.


Color the Night

Wednesday, November 7th 5pm -7pm

All Middle Schoolers welcome. SunHouse is throwing a color the night event November 7th ! We will be using chameleon color powder for our event at the La Jolla Recreation Center across the street from Sunhouse. Playing games and creating chaos. SunHouse students are $7 and student that have never been to SunHouse before are $3. Student come for a night of crazy fun, good food, and color powder. Bring as many friends as you can. Sign up today!