Middle School SunHouse

We know that middle school can be an awesomely fun but also weirdly challenging as well. SunHouse's goal is to journey with you through the fun and tough times. Check out our events and opportunities to see how we're building community among middle school students. 

Our Mission Statement:

We create a safe and welcome space by treating all students as though they belong and are a fundamental part of SunHouse even if they do not believe. We accept all students in all walks of life without exclusion, and will usher students into creating and developing a faith of their own through intentional relationships. We prioritize sharing God's story of grace, love, and truth, and we will also show how students' personal stories can be integrated into God's story!


Our Weekly Program

Every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm we meet at SunHouse for a delicious dinner, awesome games, and some time to talk about life. In SunHouse small and large groups we discuss relevant topics going on in the Middle School world as we also have conversations about Jesus and biblical teachings. 


Contact Consent Form

We understand that as a parent/guardian of a middle schooler, you want to know who's in contact with your student. To help you out with that we have developed a way for you to know how SunHouse will communicate with your student. Please complete the form below specifying how our leaders or volunteers are permitted to communicate with your student(s).


Broomball Night

We will be having an amazing broomball night on August 11th from 8:30-11:30pm at UTC Ice. We'll start off the night with dinner at Red Robin and then head to the ice  for a crazy night of running around and having loads of fun! Registration is $25, and covers dinner and broomball for the night.


Girl's All Nighter

The ladies of Middle School SunHouse are having girl's night on August 2nd-3rd! Join us from 7:30pm to 8:30am for hilarious games, delicious food,fun movies, and wonderful company. The registration cost of $10 will cover a late night meal, dessert, games, and a photo booth.


We can't predict what tomorrow will bring, but we can show you some of our events that are coming up a little further in the future.