SunHouse Permission Slip

Please make sure you select the correct form for the trip your son/daughter is attending.
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If the Mother's and Father's address is not the same, please put primary residential address for the student.
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Parental Permission - I give permission for my child to attend the event selected above. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless LJPC and designated leaders from all liability for damage, illness or injury to my child. In case of medical emergency, I give my permission for LJPC/SunHouse Staff and/or leaders to treat my child and make medical decisions. I give permission for my child to ride in a non-church owned vehicle driven by a volunteer. *
Media Consent - I hereby give my full consent to La Jolla Presbyterian Church (LJPC) and it's ministries to record (video, photograph, audio recording or other) my and my child's participation in any programs or events associated with LJPC. Further, I hereby transfer and assign to LJPC the exclusive rights to use and to authorize others to use said images, video, photography, audio recordings or other, for promotional and educational use or resource sale in the future. I understand that my image, voice or video recording may be used, but my name or personal information will never be shared publicly without additional, separate consent. *
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