Middle School Communication Consent Form

It is one of our goals at SunHouse to ensure that our students' parents/guardians are always aware of how our staff and volunteers are interacting with their child. In order to follow through on that standard we require a consent form to be completed before our staff or volunteers contact or spend time with a student. Please complete the form below specifying what interactions leaders or volunteers are permitted to have with your student(s). 


Please complete the form below

Student's Name *
Student's Name
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Student Name #2
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Parent/Guardian Phone Number
The following staff members or volunteers are allowed to interact with my student(s) *
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I give permission for the above selected staff members or volunteers to interact with my student(s) in the following way(s): *
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By typing in your full name you are giving the selected SunHouse staff/volunteers permission to interact with your student(s) in the ways you have specified on this form. You are also agreeing to this by electronic means and you understand that a digital signature is the same as a written signature