Middle School Mexico Mission Trip 

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It's your turn to make a difference!

At SunHouse we know it's important for students to have the chance to serve! This is why we are partnering with Casa De Los Angeles Orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico to help in the orphanage's construction to provide a home for children in need.  Join us April 6-7th to make a global impact!

*We do have a prerequisite for this trip to ensure that students are well prepared for the responsibility of serving. Students need to have served at Ladle Fellowship with SunHouse within the past year to qualify for this trip. 

On Friday, April 6th we will leave to stay the night at a host family's house in Mexico. Our host is a missionary partner with Casa De Los Angeles and is very familiar with its work and guiding groups in the area. The next morning, we will head out to the orphanage to begin working. We will work from 9am-4pm specifically helping with masonry tasks that will form the structure of the orphanage. After that, we'll celebrate at a local, beachside restaurant! We will then head back to the U.S.A and expect to arrive around 8pm. 

Registration Information

The registration cost will cover your student's meals, overnight stay, and supplies for the trip. There are a few more forms we will need you to fill out, especially since we will be crossing the border. Passports are required for this trip, please ensure your student has one and it is not expired before signing him/her up. Please follow the links below to complete the required forms:

Permission Slip

Medical Release Form


We understand that sending your student out of the country may make you a little nervous. Please know that SunHouse highly values and prioritizes students safety. If you have any questions about ANYTHING regarding this trip please contact our trip leader and middle school director Abraham Musto.