SunHouse Youth Ministry

SunHouse Sundays and mid week programs are meant to be a place where you can be yourself, find belonging and learn about Jesus.  At every program we teach from the Bible on topics that are important and relevant to high schoolers and middle schoolers.  

We get excited about what happens here at SunHouse for each and every student! We want to have a safe place for any student and will welcome you to SunHouse if it is your first time or you have been here for years!  

SunHouse is focused on creating a place where:SunHouse Youth Ministry

  • Students can come as they are.
  • Students will feel welcome, like they belong here.
  • Students can hear and discover who Jesus is through biblical based conversations.
  • Students don't have to go to church or believe in God to come.  We welcome students in Middle or High School to come join us.

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