High School Winter Camp at Thousand Pines. February 16-19, 2018.  $265  

Parent Checklist 







Winter Camp 2018

Need an amazing experience with great friends, a beautiful place, and to feel what it is like to truly belong?  Then Winter Camp with High School SunHouse is exactly what you need!  In addition, you will be with 250+ other High School students and get to experience the beauty in God's creation while being outside on the ropes course, rock walls, zip lines, paintball,  and so much more.  Plus, if it is snowing or super cold you can bring it inside and have an ultra fun time in the game rooms, coffee shop, club house where you can play consequential spoons while having a delicious milkshake, and explore this giant place.  Also if you are ready to connect with God in an amazing way you will be part of some great worship and have a speaker talk to you about some awesome stuff.  Get the details and information all below.  


Packing List

Remember that at SunHouse Winter Camp, we can get all kinds of different weather.  In the past there has been snow, hail, rain and sun.  Be sure to check the weather here before you start the final packing.  

Luggage should be clearly labeled inside and out. It’s a good idea to place the your name, address, phone number, and church attending with inside luggage as well as outside. 

Tip: Label everything you want back with a permanent marker

Sleeping bag and pillow. Tip: you can usually roll the pillow in the sleeping bag. It is a good idea to make sure the sleeping bag is in a watertight bag (even a plastic trash bag works).

Bible (and pens) – be sure your name is in it

Bath towel and wash cloth

Flashlight: Please be sure to label the flashlight and send extra batteries.

General toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towel, washcloth, etc.

Chap stick or other lip protection with sunscreen (non-flavored)

Clothing for two/three days

Clean socks (bring extras) & underwear


A warm hat or beanie

Mittens, gloves or scarves

At least two pairs of long pants and sweatshirt; evenings can be very cold (bring layers)

At least two pairs of shoes (in case one pair gets wet)

Poncho or other light rain gear: Rain is pretty common. Having waterproof gear of some sort can be helpful if it does happen to rain on us.


Weapons, such as knives or any other item or weapon designed to hurt someone

Air Soft Guns

Cell phones, iPods, iPads, Computers, or other electronic devices.  

Any electronic games and other electronic video games.

Sleds, tubes, snowboards or any other large snow toys

Please, please avoid preventable heartache; do not send anything that is valuable or irreplaceable.

Parent Information 

 Parents: We will be meeting at SunHouse on Friday February 15th at 12pm.  We plan on leaving SunHouse at 12:30pm.

- We will be stopping at In-N-Out Burger on the way up for a late lunch so be sure to give some extra money.  You are also welcome to pack some snacks and waters for the bus trip or camp as well.  

- We will be returning to SunHouse on Monday February 18th between 2-3pm.  Please call the “SunHouse Return Hotline” before coming to pick up your student for updated return times. SunHouse Hotline #: 858-729-5543

- Because this is our first time at Thousand Pines we are unaware of the cell phone service while at camp. So if you need to contact your student and their phone doesn't work  we recommend calling the camp. 

-To Contact your student at camp, you can call: 909-338-2705  Tell them your child's group is La Jolla Presbyterian church. 

-Questions?  Call Alyssa at SunHouse.  858-729-5502