SunHouse Middle School Summer Camp - Details

Parent Checklist:  Click each link below.


Medical Release

Camp Pondo Medical Release Form 

Permission Slip - select Middle School Summer Camp


We'll be making our annual trek to summer  camp at Camp Pondo this year!  This is an amazing trip and we are so glad that you are thinking about attending with us.  We are going to Camp Pondo from June 25-29, 2017.  

Once there, plan on having the most amazing week of your life!  Every year summer camp just gets better and better!   This trip is for any one that will be in Middle School in the fall of 2018.  Be sure to invite some friends that you'd like to spend the week with, and they don't even have to attend SunHouse.  

Pay attention because all the following items must be completed before you can go to Summer Camp with us.  

  • First, you will need to make sure that you have paid to get on the list.   Click on "Register" to do that.  
  • Second, you will need to make sure that you fill out all the forms above, the medical release form and permission slip. 
  • Third, start getting ready for an amazing week and look at the packing list below.    

If you have questions or need more information, please visit our contact page.    

Parent Information 

Parents: We will be meeting at SunHouse on Monday June 25 at 8 am.  

We will be returning to SunHouse on Friday June 29th between 1 - 2pm.  Please call the “SunHouse Return Hotline” before coming to pick up your student for updated return times. SunHouse Hotline #: 858-729-5543

Students are allowed to bring their phones, tablets, and other electronics on the bus, but once at camp we will be holding all devices securely for them. We have had too many students lose, damage, or use electronics in a negative way.  If you need to contact your son/daughter, please talk with a SunHouse staff member before we leave so we can coordinate times for students to use their phones to contact you.

We do encourage that students simply leave all electronics at home and would appreciate any help you can give to us in this matter.   

To Contact your student at camp, you can call: 909-867-7037.  Our group name will be "La Jolla Presbyterian Church" and the camp can take a message for you student.  

Questions?  Call Alyssa at SunHouse.  858-729-5502

Medication Information

Medications must be in their original pharmacy container along with written instructions. All in a Ziploc plastic bag with the camper’s name printed on it. (PLEASE NOTE: If meds are not in the original container we cannot and will not administer them.)

Please help us by following the medication process of Forest Home. 
















Remember that at SunHouse Summer Camp, we can get all kinds of different weather.  In the past there has been drizzle, cool evenings and of course, sun.  Be sure to check the weather here before you start the final packing.  

Luggage should be clearly labeled inside and out. It’s a good idea to place the your name, address, phone number, and "SunHouse" inside luggage as well as outside. 

Tip: Label everything you want back with a permanent marker

ProTip: Only pack what you can carry!  Where the bus drops us off and where the cabins are can sometimes be a long walk.  Make it easy on yourself!. 

Sleeping bag and pillow. Tip: you can usually roll the pillow in the sleeping bag. It is a good idea to make sure the sleeping bag is in a bag (even a plastic trash bag works) to carry it and keep it clean.

Bible (and pens) – be sure your name is in it

Bath towel and wash cloth

Swim suit. Girls must either wear a one piece, tankini, or wear a rash guard/shirt over bikini top.  ProTip: Wear a rash guard for both sun protection and modesty.

Flashlight: Please be sure to label the flashlight and send extra batteries.

General toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towel, washcloth, etc.

Chap stick or other lip protection with sunscreen (non-flavored) ProTip: flavored chapstick attracts bugs, so go with no flavor. 

Clothing for three - four days.  Let's be honest, it makes it easier on you to pack and carry less, and you end up wearing the same stuff a couple times anyways. 

Clean socks (bring extras) & underwear


A warm hat or beanie, in case it gets cold at night.

At least two pairs of long pants and sweatshirt; evenings can be very cold (bring layers)

At least two pairs of shoes (in case one pair gets wet)


Weapons, such as knives or any other item or weapon designed to hurt someone

Air Soft Guns

Cell phones, iPods, iPads, Computers, or other electronic devices.  ProTip: We do allow phones on the bus ride up and back, but at camp phones are put in a lock box.   SunHouse brings cameras so you can capture all your favorite moments.  But it is easier to just not bring a phone.  

Any electronic games and other electronic video games.

Please, please avoid preventable heartache; do not send anything that is valuable or irreplaceable.