SunHouse High School Summer Camp - Details

Parent Checklist:


Medical Release

Permission Slip

Hume Lake Forms - sent to you once you pay in full


Once again we will make the awesome trek to Hume Lake!  This is an amazing trip and we are so glad that you are thinking about attending with us.  We are going to Hume July 29th - August 4th, 2018.  

Once there, plan on having the most amazing week of your life!  Every year is just gets better and better!   This trip is for any one that will be in High School in the Fall of 2018.  We would love to have super seniors attend too!

Pay attention because Hume Lake is different than other camps that SunHouse attends.  

  • First, you will need to make sure that you have paid a deposit to get on the list.   Click on "Register" to do that.  
  • Second, if you are thinking you will need financial aid, you need to apply early!  We work through Hume Lake and you will need to apply for aid through them.  Click HERE to contact Mike at SunHouse to request an application.  
  • Third, you will need to make sure that you fill out all the forms above.  In addition, Hume Lake has some forms and medical information you will need to fill out that will be sent to you once your camp payment has been received in full.   

Departure and Arrival Details

We will be having check in time at SunHouse at 4:30 am on July 29th.  We understand that this is early and encourage students to sleep on the bus. We were fortunate to be able to partner and travel with The River Church of the South Bay and will be meeting them in Torrance, CA on our way to Hume. We expect to arrive at Hume Lake between 2:30-3pm.

We will be returning to SunHouse August 4th between 5pm -7pm. These times might change depending on traffic and we will give students updates on our return time to tell parents. You can also call our SunHouse Return Hotline at 858-729-5543. A SunHouse leader will update this hotline as soon as we regain cell service on our ride home and will be updated if our estimated time of arrival changes. 

If you have questions or need more information, please visit our contact page.    


Suitcase or Duffle -  Please only bring one suitcase or duffle.  Only pack what you can carry

Sleeping Bag - Please put your name on it.

Pillow - Please put your name on it.  

Modest Clothing - Girls no spaghetti straps or bare midriffs.  Girls: they do send you back to the cabin to change when shorts are too short or tops are too small.  When in doubt, wear overalls.  

Modest swimsuit - One piece or Rash guard top for girls.  No speedos for dudes.  

Athletic shoes - For games and running around in.  

Flips - Sandals, flip flops and definitely shower flips flops!

Evening clothes - Something warm, it can get cool at night.  

Outfit for Spirit Day! - This year the theme is fairy tales and fables!  

Bible - Please write your name in your bible.  

Camera - Optional. 


Notepad - If you are a detective and need to write notes...or if you journal, bring something to write in. 

Pen/Pencil - To write your detective notes with.  

Toiletries - Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant...etc.

Towel - 

Spending money - For activities, snacks and lunch stops to and from camp.   

Pack like a pro tips:

  • Lotion - it can be dry and this can make a big comfort difference.  
  • Bug spray - lotions and stick repellants work better than sprays. 
  • Water Bottle - A good plastic water bottle will make camp even better!  Dehydration leads to headaches, fatigue and in some cases, throwing up and getting sick!  Please write your name on it. 
  • Chapstick or lip balm - Protect those lips from sun and dryness. 
  • Bring extra clean socks!  It helps big time.  
  • Bring lots of good sunscreen with a minimum of 15 spf.  
  • A twin fitted sheet for extra comfort on the bunk bed helps a lot!  
  • Forgot something?  There is also a general store on site that sells all kinds of stuff.  


What NOT to bring


Drugs - Unless prescribed by a doctor.

Cell phones (you can bring them for the bus, but we will "borrow" your electronics if you have them at camp)



Other electronic videos


Hume Activity Prices

Bike Rental - $5/hour

Boat Rental - $10/hour

Frisbees - $Free!

High adventure ropes course - $15 for 2 hours.

Paint Ball - $20.  Includes gun, mask, 500 paintballs, air.  

Free activities - pretty much everything else you can imagine.