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Regularly Scheduled Programs

SunHouse Middle School and High School have regularly occurring events that are not listed on this page.  Instead, special events and non-meeting times are listed here.

If you have any questions, please be sure to visit the "Contact us" page.  

All students grades 6-12:  

Sunday Mornings at 8:45 in the SunHouse.  10am in the Life Center for the 10am worship service.  

Middle School:

Wednesday nights from 5-7pm.  

High School

Sunday nights 7-8:30.  Light dinner at 6:30pm.  

Tuesdays 6:30am.  Pancakes and Prayer (contact for address and details)

Thursdays 11:35-12:05 - Faith Club.  On La Jolla High School campus in small gym. 

2nd Wednesday of month: Ladies lunch.  11:35-12:05 on LJHS campus.