High School SunHouse

High school is an exciting time of life filled with opportunities! We hope High School SunHouse becomes a place where you discover possibilities are endless while also finding an awesome community to make memories with. 


Our Weekly Program 

Every Sunday night, from 7-8:30 pm, we meet at SunHouse to build community. We'll play a game or two, talk about life, and just enjoy sometime to hangout with one another. When we say talk about life, we'll have a large and small group time to talk about relevant topics for high school students alongside Jesus and biblical teachings. 


Hume Lake Summer Camp 2017

This is one of our favorite events of the year! From July 30- August 5th, we'll spend a week at the amazing Hume Lake. This trip never fails to be a week filled with awesome friendships, strengthened community, connecting with God, and of course unforgettable memories. Its the perfect way for students to get reconnected with SunHouse and their faith, or continue building on what they have been experiencing at SunHouse through the school year. 


Beach, Boards, and Bible Study

Every Wednesday this summer (except July 12 and August 2) we're heading to Del Mar to enjoy San Diego's sunshine, sand, and surf. Then, we'll make our way to our host's house for lunch and time to talk about scripture with one another. It's one of our favorite summer events at SunHouse and the perfect way to get one more day at the beach this summer. We'll meet at SunHouse at 8 am and be back around 1:30pm. 


2nd Annual Summer Camping Trip

We're making our way into the wilderness again this summer, July 20-21.