Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q. Does it hurt?

  2. A. Paintballs travel very fast (300 feet per second) and must break on you to be out.  So yes, it can hurt and cause bruising.  We intentionally play in the winter time so that we can wear more padding.  

  3. Q. What should I wear?

  4. A. You must wear closed toed shoes, and pants.  I recommend that you also wear baggy clothes rather than tight clothing.  Baggy clothes absorb paintballs and don’t hurt as much.  I also recommend that you wear a sweatshirt and undershirt (unless of course it is going to be hot).  


  1. Q. What should I bring?

  2. A. Bring lunch with you and water or something to drink.  Also, you WILL GET DIRTY, so bring a change of clothes with you.  We will provide a bag for you to put your dirty clothes and shoes in.  


  1. Q. What do I get for the $60?

  2. A. You get admission to the paintball park, a paintball gun, a paintball mask, ammo tubes, and 1,000 paintballs.  You also get unlimited Co2 refills for the paintball gun.  


  1. Q.  Is it fun?

  2. A. Yes it is fun.  It involves running, hiding behind bunkers and trees, and shooting paintballs at the other team.  It will get your adrenaline going and if you have liked playing games like tag, hide and seek, or video games that involve similar tactics, you will love it.  


  1. Q. Does the paint stain?

  2. A. No.  The paint will easily wash out and usually will even rub off when dry.  


  1. Q. How long will we play?

  2. A. We usually start playing between 9:30 - 10:00am.  Each game lasts about 10 minutes and usually there is a break in between each game.  Traditionally we will stop playing when we run out of paintballs or get tired.  This usually happens around 2:00-3:00pm.  Which would mean we would be back at the church between 3::30-4:30pm  


  1. Q. What happens if I get shot?

  2. A. You are out of that particular match.  You will raise your gun above your head to indicate you are out and quickly walk/run to the sidelines.  Once on the sidelines you cannot shoot or communicate to other team members.  


  1. Q. Can I take a break?

  2. A. Yes you can take a break from playing any time you want.  


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