Day 1 - Arrived

Well we made it to Ranch La Paloma yesterday with no problems.  It was awesome!  The students are all so excited!   

When we pulled up it was defintely hotter than we had expected. Going to be drinking lots of water on the contstruction site.  This is the first picture I took, which was about 15 minutes after we arrived.   


It seemed fitting to start a soccer game immediately.    We are hoping to be able to invite the local orphanage over to play a game of soccer with us sometime this week, but we know that no matter how much we try to play and practice, they will still win. 

Last night we had a terrific dinner of tostadas with super fresh ingredients.   The students loved it and got a great welcome into the talented staff that prepares all our meals.  




Here is also a picture of our program time Sunday night.  We brought some really cool lights to string up and had an amazing time singing worship with our worship a leader Stevie.   

Please pray for Monday as we head to our work sites and VBS site!   We will be sure to upload pictures and let you know how the day went.  

~ Mike.