January 16

Hey parents,

Just a friendly reminder that SunHouse Middle School is headed up to Forest Home tomorrow for an epic weekend! We are meeting at La Jolla Pres between 12:00-12:30, which means that your children will have to be taken out of school early. Please be sure to check in with Alyssa when you show up to make sure all paperwork, payment, and prescriptions have been filled out and turned in. Once she gives you the green light your child will be all set for their adventure, worshipping God, and learning about how He wants to impact their lives. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me (Chris Mangerich) at (858)964-8850. I'll have my phone with me all weekend and should have coverage. For pick up info after camp please check our e.t.a hotline for updated arrival times to the church (858)729-5539.